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I bought these boots for $245 at Philanthropy in Franklin, TN. I had been admiring these boots for a couple of years, but could never justify the price. When I was working on wardrobe for the music videos, I decided I could then justify it! Ha! Sadly they only had one pair left, and as it turned out they were too small. I thought I could grin and bear it for the sake of the video shoot, but once we got on set, I squirmed and grimaced in the dressing trailer, and decided it was not going to happen. So I'm giving them away! See details below to enter the drawing.

Boots Give Away_edited.jpg

Enter your info here to win the boots.
The boots are size 7 and would make a super unique gift for some lucky "buckarett" ... I just made that word up! We will draw the winner in just a few weeks.

Thanks for entering!

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