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You can help your clients Return To Love!

Want a great way to thank your clients and give them a Franklin family experience they won't forget? Purchase and give them tickets for the Franklin Theater show, "Return To Love." Your business will be thanked for its sponsorship with a mention in our playbill. Give  tickets for more than one family and your business will also be thanked from stage. 

Simply fill out the contact form below . We'll contact you and coordinate everything!


The Team at Common Ground Sound

Jill Riley was born into a wild and wonderful Texas cattle ranching family. Her twelve song album and the stories behind the songs share the journey of one American family beginning with her great grandparents who raised ten children out on the high plains surviving both the Great Depression and the Dirty Thirties. The story continues to chronical the adversity this family faced through the aftermath of one son's harrowing experience in World War II, and the incredibly delicate debates, decisions, and resulting family division related to raising cattle in an effort to prosper the family, local community, and region, while meeting the challenging demands required to participate in the heart-felt efforts to "feed the globe."

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